Angel Card Reading vs. Tarot Card Reading

Angel Card Reading vs. Tarot Card Reading

Angel cards access energies of the angelic beings that care, love, and protect humanity. Having infinite compassion for humans and acting in accordance to the divine laws, such beings provide insight and guidance. The lessons angels give cover all human life aspects, yet focus on spiritual advice. Angel messages give positive affirmations and encouragement for whatever challenges you are facing.

Angel cards, at first glance, may seem to be another type of tarot cards, yet other than using cards, this is where the similarity ends. The tarot cards are a definitive kind of divination based on the metaphysical concepts including numerology, esoteric symbols, and alchemy. On the other hand, angel cards depend on the channeled information from etheric realms. The reading is performed by interacting with the clients energies and allowing the angels to respond to the questions.

Angel Card Reading – How Does It Work?

The origin of the Angel cards were the oracle cards, which are said to have their origins with the gypsies. Oracle cards have symbolic photos with precise meanings. Oracle cards became popular in 19th century. A deck of playing cards can be used for oracles.

With the designs of New Age Movement for oracle cards, some of these are angel cards. There are numerous angel decks made available in the market. They operate from the same intent, yet have various messages. The deck used is not as essential as the message you receive.

6 Aspects of Spiritual Energy

According to Meredith Young-Sowers, there are actually 6 aspects of spiritual energy, which angels teach people about. Such realms are partnership, nourishment, rejuvenation, alignment, integration, and reflection. Reflection becomes aware of your own divine self. Partnership grows spiritually in relationships while integration establishes harmony among spirit, mind, and body. Alignment finds and performs meaningful work in line with your own divine purpose. Rejuvenation finds personal renewal in life’s natural cycles. Nourishment chooses emotional responses, foods, and thoughts that provide spiritual fulfillment. An angel card reading reflects one or more of such realms depending on the cards drawn.

Readers must draw the cards for reading. Depending on the circumstances and questions, readers would choose a reading with 1 to 6 cards. Each card is lined up in the reading and has specific meaning. Not all readers use cards like that and some would have their special spreads. One card is used for daily guidance and a 2nd card is drawn for additional insights. Three cards in the spread may show the influence for your spirit, mind, and body. Four cards show present challenge, spiritual opportunity, angelic message, and how angels suggest it can be applied in your life. A six card spread is used to show all influences that surround a particular problem in your life.

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