The Sun Tarot

The Sun Tarot Description A beautiful bright sun with a human face is shining brightly at the top of the card. The face has a look of confidence. Below is a garden of sunflowers on top of what looks like a concrete wall. In front of the wall is a smiling youth on a horse […]

The Moon Tarot

The Moon Tarot Description The Moon Tarot is represented by a large Moon. In the foreground are 2 dogs looking up at the moon behind them is a small body of water with a crayfish or crab, which appears to be coming out of the water. In the background there is a larger body of […]

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards The reading of the Tarot is used to understand the influences both internal and external to which a person is subjected throughout his life and thus be able to break ties with the toxic elements that are in our lives. Readings will also help to solve problems or make decision. You should keep […]