The Moon Tarot

The Moon Tarot Description
The Moon Tarot is represented by a large Moon. In the foreground are 2 dogs looking up at the moon behind them is a small body of water with a crayfish or crab, which appears to be coming out of the water. In the background there is a larger body of water and there is a castle with black window on each side. The moon is very powerful in its splendor. It shows a lot of rays around it.

Meaning of the Card Upright
In an upright or vertical position, the Moon represents deception, confusion, and fantasy. Receiving The Moon card in a reading could suggest that you may experience mood swings and anxiety. Your path can be dark, sinister and uncertain.
You must be willing to face your unconscious instincts and behaviors. Often, the Moon symbolizes the information you need to get to the surface. This is a good time to evaluate your behavior in the past. The Moon sometimes informs us that past behaviors of one will reap negative consequences in the present.

In a Tarot reading, the Moon card indicates the need to pay attention to your dreams, feelings, and intuition. This is a good time to trust your “guts” feelings. It would also be convenient to explore what drives your behavior. Often, the Moon indicates that there are internal conflicts that have not yet been resolved. If you or the querent asks a question about the deception, the Moon usually indicates that someone has given false and inaccurate information or that they have been deceived.

Meaning of the Card in Reverse Position
When the Moon appears reverse in a Tarot reading, it implies to return to the light. Perhaps, you have been experiencing difficulties in a situation, a relationship or with your emotions. This is the time to trust in your spiritual connection, new perspectives and clarity will emerge. Do not make any important decisions at this time. It would be best to wait until you see the truth of the situation. In a Tarot reading, the Moon also suggest the need to cope with darker impulses.