The Tarot Fool

Tarot Fool Description
The Fool is the number 0, the number of unlimited potentials and does not really have a specific place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. The Fool can come at the beginning or at the end of the Major Arcana. The fool is represented looking at space and with one foot in the abyss. He carries a small sack tied to the end of a stick in one hand with a rose in the other. The sun shines brightly above him. There is a dog below him that looks like it’s trying to get his attention. We can also see mountains in the distance.

The journey of the Fool serves as a metaphor for mankind’s journeys. Deemed as an unexpected hero, the Fool’s quest always has a single purpose. He is a seeker who ultimately tries to find his life’s meaning. He takes on the path of spiritual enlightenment and self-development. He is the representation of chaos before order, innocence before experience, and impulse before rational killing. The Fool is the perfect representation of everyone’s childlike spirit within them.
In essence, the Fool is number zero in the deck which is numberless. He is not assigned number because you can find the Fool both at the start and end of a life cycle. He is a child who embarks on a new journey. The Fool can be either the first or last card of Major Arcana. But, he can also show up in different life transitions. The mere fact that the Fool is numberless implicates a crucial purpose. He can appear at any part of a journey. He serves as a reminder that you have to follow what your heart tells you and remain true to yourself.

The fool represents the human being who goes through life without thinking about the objective of his existence, being alive. This card teaches that death is at the end of life. And that we have a responsibility to live that you cannot waste your life on things that do not matter. It is important to make sense of it. You are born to fulfill a goal in life! The fool card can also represents the person who advances directly towards his own destruction.

When it comes to Tarot reading, the Fool can indicate an ending or new beginning of a life phase. There are instances when there is an unexpected influence that can alter the direction of the life path of the querent, or the person getting the reading. Most of the time, the querent may find himself facing a vital decision with profound results. Depending on which kind of cards that surround The Fool, a change of direction or warning can be warranted. While The Fool can be the creative dreamer and free thinker, he might also be irresponsible and reckless. The meaning and nature of The Fool tarot card is determined frequently by some cards flanking it in Tarot card reading.

Meaning of the Card Upright
Generally, in its upright position, this tarot card represents journey into the unfamiliar. Any unexpected opportunity might arise or life changing decisions could have to be made. There could be a new relationship or an unconventional individual might enter your life. It also suggests that you might need to change your perspective, something that’s true to your heart. Less often than not, The Fool card could indicate a travel of some kind or an upcoming trip.

It could also mean great potential in your life. It is the sign of new beginnings and renewal states. Every day has excitement and adventure. Also you will live every moment to the fullest. It is showing beginning of the all the creativity and those desires which you want to achieve in your life and at least you can start towards your goal. The Tarot Fool card indicates any good thing can happen in your life and do not miss those opportunities.

In a Tarot reading, The Fool represents the need to go on a new journey, one that is totally unknown and will take you to unexplored territories. The fool is all about new experiences, personal growth, development, and adventure. The Fool Tarot card asks you to take a “leap of faith” and trust the Universe that if you start a new journey, you will find success. This Fool lives a carefree life, free of worry and anxiety.

Meaning of the Card in Reverse Position
In reverse position, the Fool Tarot card suggests that he may be acting with total contempt for the consequences of his actions and in fact acts ‘the fool’. You are trying to live ‘in the moment’ instead of planning for the future. You are acting recklessly, wanting to break free from the usual routine in order to “find yourself” but do it in a way that ignores others. Often, the reversal of this Major Arcana card indicates the need to bring your attention and energy inside, so that you can effectively master the spiritual lesson contained in this card.

In reversed position, The Fool could also indicate that you’re taking a lot of risks. You should examine carefully the situation and pause before taking some actions. If you’re impulsive, the result could be unfavorable. You might also like to take into account that some of your judgments can be impaired and you’re not seeing the situation as it is. The reversed position of The Fool also shows fear of the unknown. Fear is considered as the ultimate trap, which prevents you from moving forward to new and much beneficial life cycle. It’s essential to recognize the fear’s significance and how it could hinder your view of your world.