Tarot vs. Astrology

Astrology Prediction vs. Tarot astrology

It’s a worldwide fact that from politicians to celebrities to average people, at some point in their lives, has consulted astrology predictions to find out the future that lies ahead of them. In different parts of the globe, people show faith in various forms of future reading methods. Chinese astrology, Indian astrology, tarot cards, and numerology are just some of them. The  techniques used and forms are countless, yet each of them bond with a common thread of curiosity and concern for future.

Basically, astrology predictions are very similar to Tarot in that they are a mirror image to some possibilities in the future. It’s also a reflection of your present and past. They have a lot of rooms and each of them use various ways to study stars, each trying to find relations behind the future and present, each searching for ways to help mankind. Tarot and Astrology differ in that you only need to read the card in front of you and you don’t need to know birth details or where the planets align.

Types of Astrology Predictions 

Vedic Astrology

It’s the oldest type of astrology with its base in ancient Vedas. With lots of analysis, research, and experience, it’s the most trusted and authentic way to do astrology predictions. Complete study is actually based on the birth charts. The birth chart is an astrological signature that represents the position of planets when the time you were born. Based on one’s birth details like place of birth, birth time, and birth date, an astrologist prepares a birth chart and reads the chart to know about the difference effects on one’s life. Each planets’ “language” is interpreted by Vedic astrologers. Indian Astrology is a broad ocean of knowledge wherein each aspect of human life may be studied.

Health Astrology

It’s one of the important wings of the Indian astrology, which draws a lot of attention. The prediction on health astrology reflects the possible medical or health issues that the person might face in life. It’s also important to know that every planet and home in birth chart governs particular parts of the body. Thus, transiting planets, weak houses, and malefic planets may lead to health concerns. It’s okay to consider health astrology predictions. However, it is important to adopt the right astrological remedial measures, which can help in the long run. Different gemstones and Yantras will help you fight some critical illnesses. After that, there are auspicious time and date when certain medicinal courses must be started to get results.


Numerology is a global means to predict future, determining inborn capabilities of a person and to check the numerology compatibility levels between individuals. Understanding numerology is much easier than astrology but still not as simple as reading tarot cards. In fact, numerology predictions became popular these days. Numerology is basically the science of the numbers and impact they have on human life. The details required to calculate the numerology prediction include your birth date, and letters in your name. Numbers are calculated and matched with the year’s vibrations to develop a yearly prediction. Numerologists have a wide range of knowledge wherein each aspect of human life may be studied in depth. Some numbers that basically hold prominence in numerology are destiny numbers, name numbers, and nature numbers.