Tarot | An Online Guide

What is Tarot? Tarot

Getting a Tarot card reading may sound completely supernatural or of another world to some people. While this may be true to some extent, it is not as mystical or scary as people think. In its basic form, the cards serve as a tool utilized for divination. Anyone can perform a reading and you will get better readings when you are open and receptive to receiving messages from the Universe. We all possess some level of psychic gifts including clairvoyance, intuition, clairsentience, and clairaudience.  When we use these gifts, we are merely channeling Universal energy that guides your life. In this way, Tarot can give us answers to questions and advice on solutions to real-world problems.

Tarot: An Overview

The Tarot is considered the oldest divinatory method that exists. Just like most types of divinations, the Tarot cards serve as a tool that can help you tap into your own wisdom and intuition. It’s origins trace back to ancient Egypt, where the pharaohs usually consulted their priests. They were the only ones who could interpret the complex symbolism of the stars. It has regained its popularity in recent days.

It is important to remember that this is not a type of fortune telling. Tarot can be described as a mirror that reflects noteworthy events of the past, what’s going on right now and what’s ahead. It has the ability of tapping into hidden truths, feelings, and thoughts, and brings them to the surface. This allows you to use this information and insight to make decisions about life, emotions, love, career, and more.

How Does Tarot Work?

There is a mystical aura that surrounds Tarot and how it works is definitely a mystery to many. You may be wondering how can a simple card be able to give you spiritual and deep insights? Each tarot card contain various symbols that help to discern the unknowable, which is the bridge between the immaterial and material. However it is not a secretive and esoteric affair that most make it out to be. It is not bound by superstitions or exclusive rules including the idea that you must not purchase their own deck.

Tarot readings are most helpful for complicated situations, because it reveals a vast amount of information. It can identifies the issues that are of your own making, but also shows what outside influences are at play. Tarot takes a deeper look into your current situation and the conscious or subconscious influences that are either helping you or holding you back.

How Tarot Can Help You

There are many people who have no idea of the purpose of a Tarot reading. This is a very common question among people new to the whole tarot card reading concept. Just so you know, the cards can help improve your mindset and your life as a whole.

Intuition serves as the underlying foundation of these readings. Everyone has a perception of truth found deep inside. If your enlightened self’s inner voice tells you something, make sure you listen to it. A reading will help you achieve this goal. The cards can help you listen and pay attention to your inner voice.

There are times when it can be difficult to listen to your inner voice in the middle of the cosmic clutter. Even though people can hear this voice, there are some who simply ignore this. During your reading, this gives the chance of tapping into your intuition and learning different valuable life lessons. A Tarot reading can help to guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Here are some ways on how tarot can help you out:

Highlight Important Areas

Life can sometimes get overwhelming. You might not have no idea how your life can become much better. Tarot reading helps you highlight several things you have to focus on to get better results in terms of love and other aspects of your life.

What are the desires of your heart? The influences that you do not know have powerful effect in your everyday life. Free Tarot can help you to discover the past events or issues may have an adverse or favorable effects in your current situation. This will help you to let go or give you the opportunity to acknowledge it as your life inspiration.

Gain Clarity

No matter what your situation is, truth can never be avoided with Tarot card reading. A great reading lets you get in touch with your higher self, or what we call your intuition. This will force you to take a clear and honest approach in life. Through Tarot card reading, you will also gain clarity regarding things you will never admit. Once you have clarity, you can come up with more responsible choices.

Tarot can help you work through spiritual challenges related to your own growth and  development. The results of a reading can help to give you a broader perspective to help you along your spiritual path and address important life lessons.

Find Peace

Anxiety, worry, and fear are regarded as symptoms of living in unknown area. Tarot can help you to discover what is happening right here and now, reveal your life lessons, predict what is ahead, and answer questions to help you to make wiser choices. It is a tool to help you have more clarity about your purpose and life’s path.

A reading will help you to understand the energy of the people around you and your environment. Discover things that you should be aware of and not neglect. Furthermore, readings can give you insight on the final outcome based on what you are currently working with.

Make Hard Choices

Many people rely on Tarot every time they want to make some difficult life choices. It can give you a snapshot of your life in the past, present and future. This can help reveal some possible options as to where you are headed in your life. This can then be used to continue walking on your right path. It also ensures that you don’t forget free will’s real value. If a Tarot reading reveals something you don’t really like, you can always alter your course. It is the main advantage and purpose of a reading.

Through the centuries, Tarot card readings have helped thousands of directionless minds in finding their way to a better and more thriving life. A quality reading can give you knowledge and confidence to be more successful in your chosen endeavor.

What to Know about Tarot Divination

Tarot divination is an attempt to get knowledge or insights. Some feel that it opens gateways that must remain closed and its use could invite spiritual evils. Still, some see it as meaningless diversion. However, many practitioners see not just spirituality but also valid psychological aspect to cards. It is a tool to do real healing work for yourself. Tarot can be described as a kind of mirror, so it isn’t like you are pulling secrets out of you. It revolves around making you think through your life and getting in touch with your own subconscious mind.

Tarot, Intuition, and Divination

Some readers use Intuition and psychic ability, which is frequently seen as supernatural. But, anyone may develop psychic abilities since everyone can access intuition. I use the pictures that show up on the card so that my clients can see and connect with the card. The art of tarot basically revolves around synthesizing basic root meanings and applying these meanings to the questions at hand.

Finally, if you work with Tarot or any divination system, it’s crucial to accept that there’s wisdom beyond your conscious knowing. Whether you think wisdom comes from your subconscious, higher self, your guides, God or collective unconscious, it does not matter. The truth of tarot would reveal itself to you if you work with that over time. You might even find yourself creating your own deck.

Should You Believe in Tarot Divination?

Well, it depends on your perspectives. Some say that tarot divination is dangerous, while other say it’s good and not an evil thing to do. So, depending on what you believe in, you can choose to believe divination or not.

Tarot Card Decks

Tarot card decks are composed of 78 cards with two groups called Minor Arcana with 56 cards and Major Arcana with 22 cards. All cards are given equal importance but the Major Arcana cards helps us to look at the big picture of your life and reveal how the question and the solution fit with it. Just like playing cards, there are four suits included in Minor Arcana, each having its own theme. The suits are Cups, Coins, Wands and Swords. Every suit has cards numbered from 1 to 10 plus four other cards called Court cards, namely King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

Tarot Online

It’s never been easier to order a Tarot reading to address your specific questions or problems. The web provides us with a simple, comfortable and confidential way to enter the world of tarot.  The wonderful thing about the Internet is that the answers to your questions are easily accessible. 

The Tarot Spreads

After the Tarot cards are shuffled, they are spread in a certain order to assist in the collection of certain information. The Celtic cross is the most popular spread but there are still many other spreads that you can pick depending on the kind of question asked. The type of spread used in a reading will depend on the reader  as well as the number of cards you want to draw.

For simple readings, you can choose to draw just a single card regarding a particular situation or person. For greater clarity for my clients, my readings are always based on a direct question. Every position in the spread has its own vital meaning in the same way that every single card holds its own unique meaning as well.

One of the most common spread used features the positions for future, present, and past, or for a possible outcome. This is why it is a must that you pay close attention to the specific position where the card shows up. A card that speaks of heartbreak will surely mean a completely different thing if this turned up in your past and not in your future, right?

Tarot Card Reading

Reading tarot cards may seem really incomprehensible to most people but their interpretation consists of the natural ability to capture the spirit and meaning of the images represented in the picture. Tuning into the images implies a strong dose of sensitivity that allows us to receive the meaning and then be able to express it with words. The effort required has less to do with the memorization of the images. It’s more about identifying with cards, either individually or in association with more the other cards in the spread.

Free Tarot

If you want to know more about yourself and how to make better decisions, free Tarot instructions are available online at no cost. It can help you to know what will happen in your immediate future, make a decision, anticipate the events that will mark your future and know the influences that shape your life. If you have questions after doing your own reading, I am here to help and can give you a clear and precise answer.